What's the cost of leaving your body behind?

Your body is your compass


Don't get thrown off track on the way to your dreams

If I’ve learned anything over the years, it's that:


Balancing Your Body, Your Business, and Your Purpose Can Be Tough..

And what’s more, financial pressure makes it all too easy to put your body and your purpose on the back-burner, thinking, “I’ll have time for that later.  After I push, plow, struggle, and strain through all the things I've got to do, then… I’ll have all the time I want for taking care of me.”


But that’s the type of behavior that leaves us functioning at a fraction of our total capacity.


If you’ve never heard The Story of Two Woodcutters, it’s all too important.

Two lumberjacks, Peter and John, often at odds about who could chop more wood decided to have it out in a wood chopping contest.  And whoever was able to produce the most wood in a day would be declared the winner.


So, they took their positions in the forest and both began chopping away as fast they could.  This lasted about an hour when Peter suddenly stopped.  When John realized there was no more chopping from his counterpart, he thought, “No doubt I’ll be victorious, he’s tired already!”


And John kept chopping away, as fast as he could muster.  After about 15 minutes, Peter’s chopping resumed.  And on this went as they worked into the evening.

Every hour or so, John would hear Peter stop chopping and resume again after about 15 minutes.  This made John a bit weary so he decided to double his efforts and chop even faster.


At the end of the day, when it came time to compare results of their efforts, John was certain he’d triumphed.  But much to his surprise, Peter had chopped far more wood than he.  “How is this possible?” exclaimed John, “I heard you stop to take a break every hour?”

Peter replied, “It’s simple really, when you heard me stop chopping I was actually sharpening my axe.”


In our case though, our "Axe" is our Body


Our body is the place where our brain meets the world.   And if we’re not giving our body everything it needs to stay sharp, we’re sure to wind up like John, doubling our efforts, sweating bullets, and still coming up short.


What Are The Real World Costs of Leaving Your Body Behind?


The bottom line is, if your business / job / career doesn’t support you at a level that allows you to function at your best and follow your true purpose in life, then the world is missing out on something really important.  The best version of you...

Just how expensive is:

  • Lack of direction, purpose, and focus -- trying to help everyone and ultimately serving no one very well --?

  • Lack of confidence, worth, and understanding in marketing your services?

  • Always leaving money on the table when it comes to sales and negotiations?

  • Scaring potential clients or customers away due to poor emotional and social regulation capacity?

  • Uncompelling leadership due to decreased empathy for others?

  • Poor cognitive performance and decreased energy levels due to not moving your body?

  • Poor cognitive performance and decreased energy levels due to “always being on” and never taking time for yourself?

  • Avoidance and procrastination due to pain, injury, and overwhelm?

  • Full on burnout?  


How we do anything, is how we do everything.  If you’re not showing up for you, then it’s likely you're leaving money on the table, putting unnecessary stress and strain on your relationships, and maybe even not showing up to your true purpose in life.



Your floor-sitting, tree-climbing, childhood-healing

Embodied Business Coach


If you’re here…


You’ve got a burning desire to make the world a better place and, as such, you’re no stranger to overcoming challenges.  You’ve got a keen sense and you tend to pick up on things that others might miss.


Against all odds, you’re continuously willing to aim for what other people think could never be accomplished.  After all, you’re a fast learner, you’re great at figuring things out for yourself, and you’ve been a damn hard worker for as long as you can remember.


As such, you may find yourself becoming hyper-fixated on your work, putting your own needs on the back burner. Your sensitivity and connection to the natural world can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed.  And while you excel at just about everything you do, you’re having some trouble connecting the dots within your own creative pursuits.


Perhaps you’ve kept yourself small by trying to blend in and seem ‘normal’.  It’s possible  you’ve kept yourself from earning your value for fear of being viewed as greedy.  And maybe even you’ve found yourself overcompensating for things left unattended to from your past.

I imagine you may have even felt like you're just "too sensitive."


You have a sense now, that it’s time for a change.


And if that all sounds too familiar then you’re probably in the right place.

Here's A Bit More About Me, And How I Got Here

I started and operated a successful construction business for 5 years, before leaving it, realizing it was taking too much of a toll on my health.  It wasn’t in-line with my priorities or my values any longer.  It was a tough decision, but in some ways one of the easiest decisions of my life.


Before all that, I had discovered the healing capacities of my body, my mind, and the natural world.


I grew up with asthma, ADHD, and chronic allergies, and would later come to  encounter chronic pain and illness.  I would go on to self-medicate and cope through tobacco and alcohol addiction.  But, through my own research and curiosity I began healing my mind and body through natural methods.


One by one, putting the pieces of the puzzle together to find the healthiest and happiest version of myself I’d ever come to be.


But even then, I was still at odds with earning a living.


I was always a top-performer at whatever line of work I was in, yet I never seemed to have enough time or money to do the things that spoke to my soul.


Owning my own construction business would come to expose an adversarial relationship with myself, challenging beliefs about money, and the scattered past that was my childhood.


And, only upon encountering full on burn-out would I finally come to accept the responsibility of doing what I was truly put on this planet to do.


That thing I always knew I’d rather be doing, but always felt I didn’t quite deserve.

If We Want To Make Lasting Change, We’ve Got To Get The Body Involved

Our body is the medium through which we perform actions, experience emotions, develop relationships, and perceive our experiences.  As such, it’s also the most direct way to understand, develop, and if necessary, change these things.

“Change your mind,” feels more like an attack than a useful strategy.  It’s completely abstract, and it’s based largely on how you actually feel and all of the experiences you’ve had up until this point.  So how could one, suddenly change everything they’ve ever been?


“Stand or move differently,” well now we’ve got something to work with.  A clearly defined route to facilitate change.


We could try it now even.

Take a moment if you will and notice how you feel in your body.  Do you feel any tension in your neck and shoulders?  Or in your jaw?  How’s your breathing?

I invite you to, if you can, bring some more relaxation into your tongue, your jaw, and your abdominals. Take a breath deep into your belly,  and soften your gaze a bit so that you can see into your peripheral vision.


And what’s different for you now?  Do you feel anymore relaxed?


Mindset is actually Bodyset and our body reflects how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about our life, and how we feel about our environment.


And our environment plays a much bigger role than we might initially expect.


First, it is us humans that shape our environments, our buildings, and the decor in our homes, and thereafter, our environments begin to shape us.  They shape how we move, and even how we think, and feel.

There’s a constant feedback loop we have with our environment.

Again you might take a moment and look about your space and find something, it could be very small that feels left undone.  Perhaps you’ve got a few papers strewn about, or some books piled up, even a trash that needs emptying.  Go ahead and take a minute or two and do that thing before coming back and continuing to read on.



Seriously, go do that thing…


Now how do you feel?


If I had to guess I’d say, “accomplished.”  Though your answers may likely vary, I bet there’s a noticeable difference.


Alright, so there’s something to this body based stuff…

But What Can I Expect From The Begin With The Body Masterclass?

Begin With The Body - What's Inside

Here’s just a few of the results you can expect:

  • Movement maintenance that takes care of itself (so you don’t have to)

  • Effortless mental fortitude in pursuing your dreams

  • A leg up in your business by improving self-regulation and self-confidence

  • Become a more vibrant lover, and develop better relationships

  • Achieve a greater sense of purpose, so you're not being pulled around by other people's agendas all the time.

  • Become a more compelling and authentic leader

  • Feel fully alive, fully human, and make the world a better place

  • Start showing up as your best self, and mean it!


So what's in the box?

  • (16) Mind blowing video lessons

  • (20) Minutes a day, follow along, get your body involved

  • Optional: Further exploration tips to expand on your practice

  • Lifetime access & dedicated email support

  • Progress reminders and updates to your inbox

  • Access to my private mailing list​ for leading edge mind, body, business acumen

What about the curriculum?

  • We'll begin with a ground up approach to the best of the best in self-care
  • Then go back to the basics to discover our inner wellspring of support
  • After which we'll provide a flexible framework for exceptional adaptability
  • So we can bring the body into balance across the varied levels of human interaction
  • And explore your habitat to finally get a handle on even the most stubborn of habits
  • And finally, making our way back to the glorious experience of feeling at home in our body

Want To Take A Look Inside?

Begin With The Body - What's Inside
Les O'Hara

“Addressing the fundamentals of good posture, active breathing, and slowing my frenetic pace has been a true game changer for me.  Kevin has put me on a path to higher wellness and health through his movement coaching. I love getting my daily reminders and exercises to become more aware of my body and my environment.”

Les O'Hara, Founder of The Contractor Huddle

Kathryn  Verville

Kevin’s course is super potent.  I follow along in the morning upon waking and then again before going to bed. It’s super meditative and calming. The deep stretches are just what my body has been needing. As a yoga practitioner I almost enjoy this deep, restorative, alignment approach more. ”

Kathryn Verville, Mother Yogi

Shadrick Wilson

As someone who regularly trains calisthenics and flexibility, I found tremendous value in taking the time to slow down everyday movements to work deeper on intention.  The concepts are simple enough for anyone to engage and deep enough to challenge an active person such as myself.”

Shadrick Wilson, Movement Adventurer

Lt. Scott Ferguson

Wow! Kevin is the epitome of persistence. His drive to keep progressing in the face of defeat is above reproach. Kevin is a selfless Go-Giver and all his students and clients are better for having Kevin in their lives.”

Scott Ferguson, Navy Vet & Real Estate Junky

Jacquelyn Frenquist

I feel like I just got back from the Chiropractor!”

Jacquelyn Marie, Musician


It's Clear The Begin With The Body Approach Is Helping People Gain Traction Where Other Cookie Cutter Coaching Methods Fall Short

So let's talk a bit about who this is for...

This course definitely isn’t for you if:

  • You’re looking for a combat, ass-kicker, push it to the limits training camp.

  • You’re looking to crunch every last second of your life into some neurotic fetishization of efficiency and productivity.

  • You’re looking for a rigid, self-punishing, restriction program where you’re no longer allowed to have fun and relax.

  • You’re unable to look deeper into the personal and emotional roots of the challenges you face.

  • You’re unwilling to take responsibility for the things you can change that dictate the outcomes of your life.

  • You’re uninterested in leveraging where you are now, to get to where you want to be.

  • You either want someone to give you all the answers, or you feel you're better off figuring it out on your own.


The reason this works is because it’s easy (eerily so...), it’s implementable, and it’s scalable to any ability level.  It’s actually a pleasure to carry over into your day to day life once the program is complete.

This certainly is for you if:

  • You’re an entrepreneur, leader, or creator destined to make an impact on the world around you.

  • You’re putting in the hard work, but not quite seeing the kind of results you’ve come to expect.

  • You long to stay active, athletic, and healthy but life and work have begun to take a bit of a toll on your body.

  • You’re willing to take responsibility for the patterns that have shaped your life, but struggle to identify and dissolve your constraints.

  • You’re looking for some support diving into your next big project, or you’ve begun to experience some setbacks such as injury, overwhelm, or full on burnout leaving you unsure exactly how to proceed.

  • You have a tendency to overthink things and get stuck in your head when taking on new and exciting projects.

  • You have a tendency to overdo things leaving yourself and your health on the backburner.


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