If you’re here, I’m going to assume you want to:

  • Create more ease in your life, overcome physical and mental blocks.

  • Improve your physical and mental health, eliminate pain and stress.

  • Generate focus and mental clarity, get past doubt and distraction.

  • Design your ideal daily life and put it into action, stop being pulled along.

  • Enjoy your life more, not be a victim of your circumstances.

How did I get here?

I grew up with asthma, ADHD, chronic colds, allergies, and a general lack of energy. Through diet, exercise, and a lot of time in nature, I was able to leave all these dis-eases behind me. Three days into my computer science program in college I realized school wasn’t for me. For twelve years I worked as a carpenter, focusing on my health, enamored by the natural world, and the capability of the human body. I felt amazing, healthy, and had endless amounts of energy. »

Body Mind Optimization - Embodied Movement Practice - Somatic Natural Movement - Kevin Hood - Breakthrough

As you can imagine, I have kept my body moving. However, three years ago I started my own business, putting my knowledge of construction, people, and spreadsheets to the test. I immediately noticed, after years of regular physical activity, I was hardly moving anymore. Most of my work took place on the computer, on the phone, or driving around in my truck. My body was starving for activity and weekend excursions to the woods or after work exercise programs didn’t cut it.

I found that spending so much time in a sedentary state was making it more difficult for my mind to the develop motivation to move.

But just like you, I’m no stranger to overcoming challenges.

Drawing on years of deep wilderness immersion, natural movement, somatic education, spiritual practices, and entrepreneurship I have helped my clients, people just like you, restore their mobility, get back in shape, feel younger, and spend more time outdoors in nature.


— I help entrepreneurs reconnect to their human nature, so they can feel at home in the world, confident in their bodies, and at ease in their minds; empowered to make decisions based on love instead of fear; and fully engage in their life purpose. —

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