Reconnect to your Human Nature


Through movement and awareness we can unlock our human potential, once again be a part of nature, and access infinite opportunity.


In a world where movement is optional and the mind and body are intrinsically interconnected, how can we know what we are truly capable of mentally when we don’t know what we are capable of physically?


Check out these free exercises I use to help my clients get their body, mind, and environment in sync.


We’re a unique breed, you and me…

  • We’re determined to make a profound impact in other’s lives.

  • We welcome challenge because challenge means growth.

  • We’re not afraid to see what’s outside the box.

    And if you’re like me, at some point you wondered why something just wasn’t clicking into place.

Life is work, and life is movement…

  • If we’re too busy to enjoy it now, we won’t be able to enjoy it later.

  • I believe we have the ability to shape the world around us.

  • This is apparent in all of life if we take a moment to stop and notice.

  • It’s time to stop waiting to live the life we’ve only dreamed of.

Embodied Movement Practice - Somatic Natural Movement - Barefoot.jpg

You feel me?


What people are saying

Les O'hara - Contractor Huddle - Build12.jpg

“The master has become the student. After years of coaching Kevin in the fundamentals of a contracting business the tables have been turned. Now I’m re-learning the fundamentals of good posture, active breathing, and slowing my frenetic pace. A true game changer for me. Kevin has put me on a path to higher wellness and health thru his coaching of natural movements. I sincerely look forward to my daily reminders and exercises to become more aware of my body and the surroundings.”

— Les O'Hara - Contractor | Coach | Change Agent - Founder of Build12 and The Contractor Huddle